How to Design a Website?

As technology advances, it enables us to do more and more activities without even understanding how difficult they are. Learning how to create a website by yourself is one of these.

Thanks to the evolution of website builders, you can construct a website and craft an impressive online presence of your own. Using professional web design elements, you can make cash, create a community of admirers, and market your company online.

Before learning how to design a website let me tell you that in todays’ world designing a website is simpler than ever. If you are someone with some basic IT skills, giving website design a try is totally worth it.

How to Design a Website like pro?

So, what is web design and how can you get started? We’ve got the knowledge you need to set you on the correct track. Designing a website is a time taking task. The first step is to identify the goals that you need to meet with the website.

All platforms have pros and cons. If you are planning to start an online store than probably signing up with Shopify is the best way to get started. Meanwhile, a website for local business can be easy to manage on CMS like WordPress.

Here are exact steps that you need to take in order to design a website like a pro;

  1. Identify the purpose of the website; CRYSTAL CLEAR GOALS!
  2. Find the current website trends and also do research on your competitors
  3. Choose a platform that works the best for you
  4. Select a template / theme or get a developer to help you out
  5. Decide the colours of the website and blend it with your brand colours
  6. Create and optimize the content in the website; text, images, and more
  7. Get the website published and ask for feedbacks

Also, look at the video below where CharlieMariTV is explaining more about designing a website;

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