How much to charge for website design and maintenance?

How much to charge for website design and maintenance

How much to charge for website design and maintenance? There are lots of different types of businesses that use website maintenance and design, ranging from small to large. With so many different options, charging a flat rate or charging per project are good options. If you’re looking for a cost-effective website solution, but don’t want to […]

Why is colour important in website design?

Why is Colour Important in Website Design

Colour is one of the most important element in web design! In fact, colour has been used as a powerful form of communication since early man first learned to paint. For example, the ancient Egyptians were very skilled at using colour in their art. The colours they chose for various purposes had certain meanings. Life […]

How to Design a Website?

How to design a website like pro?

As technology advances, it enables us to do more and more activities without even understanding how difficult they are. Learning how to create a website by yourself is one of these. Thanks to the evolution of website builders, you can construct a website and craft an impressive online presence of your own. Using professional web […]

How Websites Are Made & What You Need to Know

How To Create A Website Whether you’re building your website or looking to make updates to your existing site, you need to know what’s behind the scenes. This guide will help you understand how websites are made and what you need to know. To create a great website, you need to start with a clear […]

Best Web Design Company in Australia

Importance of a hiring best web design company in Australia Our advice is to hire a true “website professional” who will bring all of his or her advanced web design skills to the project, deliver a final product that will stand the test of time… and… Make sure your website is profitable! We are not […]

How much does a website cost in Australia?

If you are building a website for your Australian business, you should know exactly how much it will cost you. Not only will this give you a clearer idea of whether or not you should proceed with the project, it will also help you to get a better deal from your web host.   Why […]